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Status KWO

We are a specialist asset based lender with a range of portfolio and non-portfolio related products to help you find the perfect solution.

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24 hour Approval

Speed is everything. We’re able to have a decision in principle within 24 hours, and a fully credit backed offer within 72 hours.

Borrow up to £5M

We are able to offer loans from £10,000 to £5,000,000 with a maximum 24-month term length.


75% Loan to value (LTV)

We have increased our standard unregulated bridge product to 75% on 1st charge bridging loans and to 65% on 2nd charge bridging loans to borrowers in England and Wales.

Preserve the statuskwo

We’re StatusKWO, a specialist  lender with years of expertise in asset based lending. We offer flexible funding solutions tailored to your personal and business needs. We fund growth. We fund ambition. We fund opportunity. 

With years of experience, our flexible criteria and common-sense approach to underwriting means we’re able to lend to a wide range of customers.

Bridging finance

Our unregulated bridging loans are short-term finance and are a great solution for borrowers who need finance temporarily and quickly. Bridging products usually last up to 12 months.

Development finance

We assist  clients with help in funding their development projects. Whether you are a professional developer, renovator or building your first house we will look at every deal on its own merits.

Auction Finance

Auction purchases normally have to be completed within 28 days of the auction, and in most cases a conventional mortgage  cannot be arranged will not be available within that time period. 

Portfolio finance

A lombard loan  (or portfolio finance) allows you to raise finance against existing assets, without necessarily liquidating your portfolio.

+ years of experience

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Personal FInance

 Are you purchasing land for the purpose of obtaining planning permission before a development, funding works to a property or purchasing properties at auction; StatusKWO can offer you an unregulated bridge.

A personal loan is something that many people have considered at one time or another, and the financial flexibility that comes with this form of finance makes it an attractive proposition.  Bridging finance may be used to create an injection of capital at short notice and it is a perfect solution for borrowers who need to quickly generate cash without being constrained by the restrictions of unsecured lending.

commercial finance 

Whether your business needs access to immediate funds to purchase new premises, acquire stock, to start a new venture, or provide additional capital to stimulate growth, StatusKWO can help fund your project.

Our expertise in commercial short term loans provides you with complete peace of mind. We provide safe & low-cost  loans without any hidden costs where other traditional finance cannot compete with.

Our short-term loan products are designed to meet the many diverse needs of business owners. We do not require evidence of trading history or proof of income. This allows us to take a practical, common-sense approach to lending.


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All preliminary checks and due diligence will be completed in the first 24 hours thereafter you will receive a credit-backed offer in 72 hours.

receive papers

Our panel lawyers will send legal papers to you within 24 hours of the offer being made.

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We will advance the loan as soon as our lawyers receive the executed legal contracts.

Get in touch via phone, chat or email about your query, however complex it might be. We will try our best to say yes to you, instead of finding a reason to say no.